The short story “In the Rubbish Tin” by Apirana Taylor, written in 1986, tells the story of a family abusing and trying to escape from abuse

it shows how harmful this constant escaping instead of addressing or dealing with this abuse can be, and how it only results in a never-ending cycle.

Right at the beginning of the story, it is very clear that Phillipe’s parents aren´t particularly good parents, they leave their daughter at home and forget to lock the door. (ll 1-2.

“Mum had gone to town and forgotten to lock Philippa in the house”) the way this is paraphrased “ Mum has gone to town and forgotten to lock Phillipa in the house”

makes it seem this is only emphasized by the fact that it´s Phillipa´s Birthday, a day where you are supposed to be celebrating with your family and not spending alone with no one, but a doll.