August 28, 1963, the civil right activist, Martin Luther King held his speech “I Have a dream” on the Lincoln Memorial steps in Washington, D.C. during the American Civil Rights Movement.

He held the speech in front of millions of black and white people, but mainly the speech is a protest at the white people, that for hundreds of years hasn’t given the black people the freedom they want.

Martin Luther King uses strong language to get the attention that he needs on this specific topic.

It’s a topic about the millions of people mistreated and stepped on in society.

This should be talked about, because of the black people that were segregated from the rest of the American population.

Martin Luther King thought that the black people in America needed a solution to the separated society, especially at the time of The Civil Rights Movement. At this time around a lot of black American people fought for legal rights.

They wanted the same status as the white Americans. Unfortunately, the white Americans kept the people segregated by establishing The Jim Crow laws, that stopped the black Americans from using the same facilities as the whites.

Afterall Martin Luther King had enough of the discrimination and lack of equality, so he held the speech in hope for things in America to get better for the black American people.