How the American dream has changed | Manuscript to a Speech

Welcome my fellow students here at the Johns Hopkins University of Baltimore. Thank you all so much for being here today to listen to me.

I have been asked to give a speech to you, my fellow student of this great University. I am here today to talk about what we all hope to someday outlive, the American Dream.

I am here to tell you what it takes to achieve, for instance how a simple chance of ones mindset can be the first little step to great success, and above all how you all have the same chance at succeeding in spite of what you come from or where in life you are now.

In other words, the American Dream is not as easy to achieve for all of us. Therefore, it is important to set certain goal for ourselves as the ambitious people we are. For instance, homeownership is what the Millennials sees as the biggest part of living the American Dream.

The reason for that is the fact that especially the price and overall demand of houses have risen very much over the years, and finding well payed jobs also is becoming more and more difficult in our time and age.

As a result, 29% of Millennials are more likely than baby boomers to see a home as an achievement that reflects their hard work .

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