How my brother tried to kill me in Honor attack | Essay

Arranged marriages has historically been practiced in many cultures all over the world. Typically, arranged marriages are arranged by parents, grandparents, and other relatives.

In the Middle East and South Asia, it’s common for parents to arrange child marriage for money or social ties. Many young women suffer from horrible abuse in these marriages.

For many of the young women living under these unfortunate conditions it can be very difficult to leave the marriage.

The message being sent to the receiver is to make the young women's pain and voices be heard. “Gul Meena s one of thousands of women living in shelters across Afghanistan - many of them victims of attempted honor killing.

Tragically his practice still exists in a number of cultures […]” (P. 96 l. 14-15). Coren I spreading awareness about honor killings by writing this article.

The audience is people located in the western part of the world. “it’s cold raining in Kabul and the pothole-filled dirt roads have turned into a sea of mud” (P. 94 l.9-10) and “This Pakistani girl’s life of misery and suffering […]”(P. 94 l.14).

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