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We have been given the task of making a business case about Hansen's Flødeis ApS. The business case is one interdisciplinary assignment between the subjects Business Economy and Marketing.

The business case consists of one short company characterization of Hansens flødeis ApS, accounting analysis, and then we have analyzed the company's situation via various models and theories from Marketing.

Introduction 2
Company characterization 2
Business model Canvas: 2
Critical success factors 4
- High quality 4
- Environment 4
- Broad selection of goods 4
- -Marketing 4
- Season 4
Challenges 6
Proposals for action 6
Market consequences 6
Economic consequences 7
Methodology: 7
Reference list 8

High quality
Hansen's Flødeis has an extra emphasis on the quality of the product that they are providing their customers.

During the production of their products, they are constantly doing quality control tests. This is done so that if a customer complains about their products, Hansen's Flødeis can quickly figure out what the issue is and correct it.

This way they ensure that they are always living up to their own expectation of delivering high-quality products. Hansen's Flødemis must continue their work on providing high-quality products as it is a key factor for the company.

To be environmentally friendly is a forever growing trend that can be the crucial deciding factor for a consumer choosing or rejecting buying Hansen's Fløseis’ products.

Therefore, it comes with great importance that Hansens Flødeis is focused on using organic and environmentally friendly raw materials.

Hansen's Flødeis have already made steps in the right direction by signing a contract with Dong Energy in order to have more focus on sustainability.

This contract includes that Hansen's Flødeis’ production has to be 100% based on green biogas. Furthermore, Hansen's Flødeis makes sure they comply with all the rules for their production in Zambia to treat the workers probably and the same goes for all the other places

where they get raw materials from in Africa. In today’s world it is very important to show that you take responsibility as a company, and therefore Hansen's Flødeis has to continue focusing on sustainability.

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