Gun control in The US | Essay | 10 i karakter

The price for worst the worst gun control has to go to the US, the lovely people of the US loves guns. If you look at how many guns there are per person in America, you might be surprised.

Us Europeans will quickly realize the problem here, maybe the number of guns could be blamed for the armed robberies, mass shootings and homicides.

In America, the NRA thought that “allowing citizens to carry concealed handguns would reduce crime as they fought off or scared off a criminal.”

This has just proved the NRA wrong over the past years. Since new studies show that violent crime rates have gotten to 14% after 10 years, the numbers wouldn’t be that high if they wouldn't have adopted the RTC laws.

It seems obvious that more guns equal more crime, murder and violence. If you look at any other country the crime rate is way lower as well as the number of privately-owned firearms, it shows an obvious connection between guns and crimes.

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