Climate change is a big issue in the world. Some of those who care about it do not even go to school or work but make huge demonstrations because they want the government to act.

Even though some care and some do not, climate change is a real problem. The temperatures are rising, and for every day passing, more plastic pollutes the oceans.

In the speech Greta uses many arguments. In the beginning she says “This is all wrong” (l.9).

That alone is a very silly argument, but after that sentence she says that she should have been back in school.

Here she arguments why it is all wrong, and everybody will agree with that, so that is a good argument.

Later, she says “For more than 30 years, the science has been crystal clear.” (l.16). But this argument stands alone, and we do not hear the specifics.

For this to be a good argument, she should have said something like what has been clear, and why it has been clear.