‘Goldhawk’ by Katherine Magyarody | Analysis

The short story ”Goldhawk” is written by Katherine Magyarody and was published in 2017 . Goldhawk is a story about sexism, and tells about Dinara Akhmatova, a protective and hardworking woman, placed at an engineering company in north America.

Dinara had emigrated some times before she chose to finally settle up. As said, Dinara works for a company, but sadly for her, most of the employees are men.

The story starts off with the story of the main character; Dinara Akhmatova surviving company cuts, showing already from the beginning that she is a hardworking woman, who deserves to stay put in the company.

The narrator is omniscient third-person narrator. The narrator is subjective, and the narration follows the main character’s stream of consciousness.

She is described as woman who is “slight of body” who wore scrubby polo shirts and khakis to work, Dinara wore long gauzy skirts and soft, pastel cardigans that emphasized her birdlike figure.”

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