Goldhawk | Analytical essay

Analytical essay:

In the short story “Goldhawk” by Katherine Magyarody, we are introduced to the main character of the story, Dinara Akhmatova.

Dinara is a three-time immigrant, but she has decided to stay in North America. She works at a computer programming company.

Unfortunately, she is the only female employee left, due to all the budget cuts because of the company’s poor finances.

But Dinara managed to avoid being fired because of all the hard work she put in every day by coming in early and staying late.

The male co-workers who were left after the cuts assume that the only reason the company kept a woman, is to make the company look diverse.

One day a hawk flies around the parking lot at the office. The male co-works think it’s a red-tailed hawk, while Dinara thinks it’s a Goldhawk. She later discovers that it actually was a Goldhawk, but she chooses to keep it to herself.

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