‘Goldhawk’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Summary (125 words):

The short story “Goldhawk” is written by Katherine Magyarody and published in 2017. The story deals with the immigrant Dinara Akhmatova who is a female computer programmer.

Dinara survives rough rounds of budget cuts and deals with her jealous male colleagues. One working day, a remarkable feature encounters outside the office building.

Summary (125 words):
Analytical essay (600 – 900 words):

Modern terms such as gender equality and women’s rights are being replaced by old-fashioned gender roles in our society.

Large topics as the importance of elimination of prejudice or discrimination that is based on gender seem to be in discussion all around the world.

Sexism is one of the main themes in the short story “Goldhawk” written by the author Katherine Magyarody in 2017.

The theme “sexism” is emphasized by letting the readers observe a hard-working female, who struggles at her workplace which is a male-dominated profession and their sexist attitudes towards her.

While she deals with this subject, she likewise proceeds to accentuate the value of privacy of a woman and therefore making it another central topic in the short story.

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