‘Goldhawk’ | Analysis | 10 i karakter

“Goldhawk” tells the story of an immigrant from the east stuck in the cruel society of the west. Here our main character shows how hard it can be as an immigrant.

Immigration is a hard and long journey. You have to get acquainted with a completely new culture and have to learn the norms and rules of this culture and the society.

In this short story the main character has to overcome not only this, but also the fact of being a victim of diversity and the sexism that haunts the American workplace environments. She shows all of this Whilst still upholding her portraiture of strength

Dinara is arguably the hardest worker at the company and that provides the reader with respect for Dinara. She is doing a great job and works longer and harder than any of the men.

Dinara is being affected by two different forms of settings, the first one is a social setting referring to gender roles and immigration.

The other setting is the physical setting, and this story is set in North America.” Was this some sort of North American engineering term?” (ll.67-68).

The main events of the story take place in an office building in America. “The building was beige and putty colored inside” (l.47) and the story elapses over a normal workday.

When she sees the hawk, she feels an instant connection to it. They both have children, and they would do anything to protect them.

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