Goldhawk is a short story from 2017 written by creative writer Katherine Magyarody. The story takes place in an office building in North America.

“The building was beige and putty coloured inside” (l. 47) and they sit in cubicles (l. 12), which makes it a very normal office environment.

We don’t know what year it is, however, the cars and computers acknowledge that it’s in modern times. The story elapses over a normal workday period.

In the short story, we meet the main character, Dinara Akhmatova. The name Dinara Akhmatova reveals that she isn’t 100% American, which we additionally in the text got confirmed.

As a case in point, we know that Dinara knows about Russian culture because she knows about the Russian ballet dancer Nureyev (l.24).

Despite the fact that her name looked Russian Dinara didn’t look Russian at all “with her olive skin and low broad cheekbones” (ll. 32-33) and she didn’t socialize with the other Russians.

In the text, we were told why she didn’t look Russian, and it’s because she isn’t “ ” Hawk,” Samy said quietly, he whom Dinara often overheard unabashedly discussing the pliancy of women’s bodies over the phone in pungent Hebrew.” (l. 74-75).

We can on the basis of the sentence tell that she knows Hebrew and she then must be Jewish, which also makes sense because she doesn’t look, Russian.