Globalization impact on economy | Essay | 10 i karakter

Our modern society was built upon the very foundation of human rights, which are used to further our own interests.

Globalization has been a big success for our economies, the modern society has become a giant market, plagued by consumerism.

Naomi Klein, author of “Fences of Enclosure, Windows of Possibility” a non-fiction article, which focuses on the division between the rich consumers and the poor exploited. As Well asvisualizing the impact “mega corporations” have on a transnational level.

So, what do these fences represent? Inequality, globalization or the general menaces which stems from unrestricted capitalism?

Well, Naomi appears to be against corporate globalization and the impact of neoliberalism. In the sense that privatization is harming developing nations.

"Mass privatization and deregulation have bred armies of locked-out people ... whose basic needs go unmet." (p.2 ll.76-78) Her views stem from globalization, which we are usually bombarded with as a good thing.

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