Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. First I want to thank you guys for having me here at this business seminar today, it’s a big honor.

My name is Jonas, and I am here to tell you about how to give ex-cons a second chance to improve themselves in society after they have served their sentences.

In my daily life, I’m a student at the University of Texas, where I’m studying sociology, and that’s why I’d been chosen to stand here on this scene today.

Nowadays the US government is using tax money paid by the American taxpayers to keep the 2.3 million prisoners behind bars, which cost about 50$ a day per person .

In my opinion, we should be able to distinguish cause no doubt that violent people, rapists, and sexual offenders do belong in prisons , but not all crimes are the same.

Therefore I think, that we could welcome back those who are determined to build a new life . Of cause some people just don’t change, but a lot of them do, and they want to do better for themselves and their families, and those are the people that you guys should bank on to make your business successful.