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My name is Irese, and I study sociology at the University of Texas. I am here today to tell you about how important giving ex-convicts a second chance is and how it could change the American society and economy. 2.3 million people are incarcerated across America and keeping people in prison is expensive .

As said earlier, it is very expensive to keep people in jail. Texas, for example is the state with the largest population of incarcerators. Almost 145.000 are in prison, and a lot of them are low-level criminals.

Right now, we are living in a capitalist world, where money is a very important factor in our lives. Therefore, the low-level offenders should not be in prison.

Those who are not a danger to society should get employed. That would help the economy so much more. On a yearly average

Texas spends around 3 billion dollars on prisoners , which is a lot of money. That money comes from our taxpayers. And I’m sure that most of them don’t like the idea of their money being used like that.

Another problem that we have is that almost 90% of large companies check their employees background , and almost all of them would not hire a person with a criminal background.

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