Giving Ex-cons A Second Chance | Essay | 12 i karakter

Good morning everyone. I would like to welcome each and everyone one of you that took some valuable time out of your precious life to listen to me talk about giving ex-cons a second chance in life.

My name is Saim Arshad Sheikh, and I am a student of sociology at the University of Texas. I feel very honored and privileged for getting the opportunity to talk about a very debatable and controversial topic.

Since this seminar is entitled “A Second Chance”, I feel like talking about a somewhat controversial topic would be ideal here today and have therefore decided to give a speech about ex-convicts, and how they deserve a second chance in life.

Comparing these numbers will only prove that many prisoners incarnated in Texas have been, and still are, wrongfully convicted of a crime they did not commit.

Many of you might be wondering right now and asking yourself the same question: “Why do so many ex-convicts become repeat offenders?”, and the answer to this question is simple. Employment.

Statistics indicate more than 60 percent of former inmates cannot find work within their first year out of jail. Research also shows that a criminal record reduces the interest of an employee by 50 percent, and even worse for African Americans .

90% of large companies do employee background checks, and most are not willing to hire someone with a criminal record . With no way of starting fresh with life and get a job, former inmates go back to their old routes and become repeat offenders.

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