Giving ex-cons a second chance | Essay | 10 i karakter

The reform of prisons has been a long-time priority according to Texas Public Policy Foundation.

The increase in prisoners since 1970 has been a huge negative development. Nowadays, one in 100 men finds themselves in prison, compared to one in every 400 men in 1970(Commentary, l.29).

Besides going to jail, the real struggle many prisoners find is leaving jail and return to society. The harsh reality is that many businesses don’t hire a man or woman with a record.

Furthermore, it is clear that a high percentage returns to prisons within a short period of time.

But, what about those who successively reintegrated into society and furthermore potentially given a job?

It shows that 93% percent of those who did land a job, stayed of out prison. It is a matter of opportunity. However, society and many businesses are still too afraid to hire former prisoners.

For many ex-cons it can be scary to return to society, especially when some of the prisoners don’t know to anything else besides the criminal life.

Where to begin, how, is it possible. Just few of the question you would ask yourself as being released. There is not a simple answer.

Nevertheless, from the day prisoners enter prison they also enter programs designed to help them develop job skills.

Even that fact is not enough sometimes to convince companies. This is when the federal bonding program comes to the rescue.

Their job is to secure the job placement of ex-offenders. Business like those help ex-cons to find job, and it has helped people like Jahaun McKinley.

He was in prison for 19 years for assault. Afterwards he joined the company Cascade Engineering. He has been with that company for six whole years and is currently in a management position.

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