Giving ex-cons a second chance | Analyse

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. First, I want to thank you guys for having me here at this business seminar today, it’s a big honor. My name is Jonas, and I am here to tell you about how to give ex-cons a second chance to improve themselves in society after they have served their sentences.

In my daily life, I’m a student at the University of Texas, where I’m studying sociology, and that’s why I’d been chosen to stand here on this scene today. I have divided my speech into two different parts. At first, I will account for and comment on the importance of giving ex-cons a second chance - not just for society, but for the American business too.

Secondly, I will like to discuss, what it takes to successfully achieve a second chance, and use their giving opportunity to get control over their life. After my speech, you guys can ask me some questions, and then I will try to answer them as well as I can. I plan to speak for about ten minutes.

Between 2002 and 2006 almost 260.000 people have released from federal prisons, and half of those weren’t able to secure employment and therefore they committed a new crime or violated parole, which sent them back to prison.

Try to imagine these people, who want to make a difference, having a taxpaying job, so instead of being a cost to society, they could create an income and paying their taxes. Therefore, it’s really important to have some faith to that these ex-cons can accomplish something for the society.

Hiring an ex-con is of cause not without risks, and it can be scary, but as the statistics show that astonishing 93 percent of those that managed to get a job reintegrated into society and stayed out of prison for good.

Therefore, it’s really important to take action just like the government did when they sat up a program called: “the Work Opportunity Tax Credit”, which lets businesses reduce their federal income tax liability when they hire ex-cons.

That could easily amount as much as 2,400$ per worker. Not only does it benefit the business owner, America, and the American taxpayers, but also the induvial person who gets the feeling of creating something on their own . That’s invaluable.

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