Giving ex-cons a second chance

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. First I want to thank you guys for having me here at this business seminar today, it’s a big honor. My name is Jonas, and I am here to tell you about how to give ex-cons a second chance to improve themselves in society after they have served their sentences. In my daily life, I’m a student at the University of Texas, where I’m studying sociology, and that’s why I’d been chosen to stand here on this scene today. I have divided my speech into two different parts.

At first, I will account for and comment on the importance of giving ex-cons a second chance - not just for society, but for the American business too. Secondly, I will like to discuss, what it takes to successfully achieve a second chance, and use their giving opportunity to get control over their life. After my speech, you guys can ask me some questions, and then I will try to answer them as well as I can. I plan to speak for about ten minutes.

I don’t think it can be argued that it’s really important to feel comfortable in our surroundings. Therefore it has a huge matter that there is a match between the ex-cons and the job they are hired to do. It’s all about working in a company where they get the feeling of being appreciated, and not just seen as a useless criminal.

Try to imagine having two companies doing identical things, but with a big difference in the social environment - therefore I would like to point the social environment and surroundings they work in as one of the biggest factors to successfully integrate ex-cons. A solution to this problem could maybe be to set up an internship system, where the ex-cons can come out in the workplace.

That’s allowing them to feel the environment and figure out what they like to do and can continue doing for the rest of their working days. Besides that, the employers, just like you guys, can see what the ex-cons contribute to your business’ and try them for a period. So for me, it’s sounds like a win-win for both parts.

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