Gimpel the Fool | Analyse | Isaac Bashevis Singer

Characterization of Gimpel:

Interpretation of the townspeople:

Interpretation: the role the theme of love plays:

Gimpel is also a religious man who believes in God and sometimes go to the rabbi in the city to get some advice.

The rabbi, who is a Jewish pastor, for example said: “it is written, better to be a fool all your days than for one hour to be evil.You are not a fool. They are the fools.”And the last thing Gimpel was, were evil.

Gimpel also got married to a girl, called Elka, even though the girlsdidn’t findhim attractive.

Elka, is a promiscuous girl who has already given birth to one child out of wedlock, when they met. We also hear that Gimpel got 6 childrenwhich again turn out to be a lie.

All the time Gimpel was with Elka she told him that the children were his, and Gimpel believes that her children are his. But they are not.

It was when Gimpel’s wife suddenlygot sick he found out the truth. Before she died, she called Gimpel to her bed and said:

“forgive me Gimpel”, but Gimpel couldn’t see was there was to forgive.

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