The movie ´Gamer´ is a science fiction movie. The movie is from 2009 but is set in a dystopian future. The main character is named Kable and is played by Gerard Butler.

The movie is set in a totalitarian society, where people who are imprisoned get the chance to play for their freedom.

The game they must play and survive is a war game called ´Slayers´, where people at home control the prisoner's every move through a nanochip implanted in the brain.

The general population in the movie could be an example of an exaggerated version of the society we live in right now, in our society we have incorporated technology in our everyday life

we use it as a form of communication with our friends, and as a search machine for our curious minds, we are dependent of our phones and our social media platforms.

The way they in the movie have incorporated technology and the internet in their society is for a form of satisfaction for the general population, and as a way for people to earn money

this we can also see in our society as social media has grown and people now can make a living of making videos of them doing makeup or dancing in front of their phones.