Good evening everyone. I am very pleased to see such a large turnout here tonight. My name is Mathilde[LCM(-C1] , and I am here to educate you about the major food waste issue - not only here in England

but all over the world. Now I know that all of you here are seeking to be in the food industry, so I hope that I can get you to have a new look at how things should be

and then go and change things up a bit once you graduate. I will start by accounting for the causes and the factors contributing to food waste.

As mentioned earlier, many causes and factors are leading to major waste each year. One of them is mentioned by the UN; retailers all over, promoting products and using the famously known “buy one, get one free”[6].

This is a business strategy used to sell the products reaching their final date. This way the retailers move the responsibility of the food over to the consumers.

However, the problem is not solved, because what happens when millions of people buy extra food, they don’t actually need[LCM(-C5] ? It ends in the trash.

Another main reason why food ends in the trash is because of faulty planning[7]. The majority of people do very little planning when grocery shopping.

Therefore, many people overestimate the quantity needed resulting in a great amount of food left to rot or thrown out. In the UK[LCM(-C6]

an average family throws out about 33% of their bought food due to faulty planning. Imagine, grocery shopping for 1000 pounds and then throwing out what's worth 333 of that.

Sounds insane, right[LCM(-C7] ? This is exactly why we need to make a more conscientious choice, not only for our own financial good but for the millions of people starving globally.