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Hello everybody. I am very pleased to be with you today. My name is Jacob Nedergaard. I am a Danish entrepreneur studying food waste and I would like to talk to you about ’food waste’.

I have divided my talk into four parts. In the first part I will look at the causes of food waste and why it is one of the biggest problems in the latest years. The second part I will talk shortly about the extent of food waste.

Another of element causing food waste is the misunderstanding about the meaning “best before” and “use by” date labels, which confuses consumers and in most instances lead to completely edible food getting thrown away.

The mentioned two causes are accruing in the home and at the stores, but food waste is also happening on the farm and in the food manufacturing.

Farmers cause food waste by overproducing different products at a certain time of the year. This can for instance be producing to many strawberries in the summer and then not being able to sell them all.

Therefore, the farmers are forced to throw some away and waste food. The farmers in United Kingdom are in fact depleting 20-40% of all fruits and vegetables produced.

Finally, we have the manufacturing companies, which cause food waste by damaging the products or their packaging, thus demanding them to get rid of the damaged foods.

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