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My Name is Sarah and I am a fellow international student at LSE. I have been asked to give a speech about food waste. I have a lot of known about food waste from my previous studying at the university of Oxford.

Beside my study, I have been taking some courses, so I today could end up standing here to talk to you about this important topic, with a lot of known, which I want to pass on to you.

Food waste - speech
Ladies and gentlemen welcome

We have to change our food habits, because I found out that more than 10 million tonnes of food were thrown away in 2016.

You guys listen up now! At least 500.000 children across the UK are going to school hungry each day, because their parents cannot afford to feed them.

You´ve maybe heard about Ed Sheeran and you´ve maybe also heard about his popular song “shape of you”, but have you ever thought about if Ed Sheeran’s song “shape of you” was about food waste.

The song has been remade with a purpose of reaching out to young people, who could recognise the original song.

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