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Greetings students at Chelsea School of Food and Wine, my name is Caroline, I’m a young entrepreneur and I will like to talk about food waste.

I´ve been invited to give a speech around a world problem. It’s a pleasure to be here, to talk about the food waste local and global.

In this speech I will account for the causes and the impact of food waste locally and globally. In the end I will discuss what could be done to reduce food waste and outline as a business opportunity.

So many people are thinking about the environment and for example plastic must be diminished etc. but why not think about the food waste, and how bad it is for our planet?

We spend a lot of resources on producing food and we take it for good. There are dilemmas for families on the other side of the world. Real dilemmas.

Put things into perspective, what if you and your siblings was one meal from dying, and your parents had to choose who to feed and save first?

These problems are very easy to forget, when we are sitting on the other wealthy site of the world.

All you have to do is change small things, actually six small things with the food you can’t eat, it´s called the food waste recycling and it´s very easy to use.

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