Food waste | Essay | 10 i karakter

Hello, I’m happy to be here and have the chance to talk to you guys. My name is Ben J. Harbor I was born and raised in Denmark. I’m a young entrepreneur and my passion is focusing on first world problems, like food waste.

It is really easy to overlook all this when we're sitting on the fair and rich side of the world. I didn't come to guilty you and point your fingers here.

I didn't know that either a year ago, but when the facts occurred to me I became aware of it, I wanted to make little improvements, which in the end has an enormous effect on the entire world.

I'm here to make sure you know that if we just adapt a bit, everybody can make a difference. The food waste here in Britten is 15m tons per year.

It's common bread, vegetables, fruit, and milk. And happily, you live in a lovely country that is developing and helping to avoid food waste.

Only five years from now, households in the United Kingdom have reduced their food waste by 21 percent, and it is not the supermen who did that.

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