First World Problems | Engelsk Speech

Dear students.
Thank you for having me. I'm honored to be with you here at Leiths School today.

My name is Isabel Smith and I’m an entrepreneur focusing on food waste. I’m from New York and 25 years old. I am standing in front of you today because I have something on my mind that I find very important to share.

I am not only here to scare you and tell you the rough truth about the real world. I am also here at your High School to mention what you can do to stop food waste as an individual.

I want you to know what you can do in your everyday life to improves this problem. The waste of food is a mix between producers at the food market producing too much food and customers how to waste too much of the food.

This is a bad combination that makes a vicious circle. One thing you can do is to look at the “best before dates ” and the “used by dates ”.

If you eat the food until the last day of “used by dates ” then you save more food from being wasted and also you save money.

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