Felicity tells the story of an 18-year-old girl, whose life changes frantically after becoming pregnant. Through the text we gain insight into the life of the young to be- mother, as she has to navigate in the new “world of adulthood” and experiences a rude awakening. Will she stand by her own decision concerning her baby’s life or are her parents able to convince her to do otherwise?

Felicity is a short story that was published in 1994. The setting of this story is partly in Boston as well as in Los Angeles, U.S., in the early 1990’s. The text is told by a third person narrator with limited point of view; it only has access to Felicity’s thoughts and feelings.

The beginning of the story is mainly description but as it progresses, and it reaches the turning point, where Felicity learns she is pregnant, direct speech and dialogues begin to dominate.

The main character of Felicity is Felicity herself. She can be described as headstrong girl who wants to be a grown-up, a mother, no matter the responsibilities and hardships.

In respect of love she is somehow naïve conceivably because of her young age.

Her roommate Holly seems to be diametrically opposed to Felicity; She is a free spirit in contrast to Felicity, who is comparably old-fashioned in morality even though she is one year younger.

This becomes obvious when we hear about their view on relationships and love; Felicity has only made love one time with her boyfriend, whom she wants to get married to.

With her own words, she “wants to be owned” whereas Holly, who sleeps with more than one, enjoys the freedom of not being “tied” to one man. Another major character could be Brian; Felicity’s first lover. In her eyes Brian is the only one, she wants and needs. In her eyes, their relationship is picture perfect. But that and her perception of him changes slowly.