Fast fashion is destroying the planet | Engelsk aflevering

Keeping up with the newest trends and having the clothes that are in season is a thing everyone dreams of. This is now possible when buying fast fashion. Which especially millennials craves1. The prices of fast fashion are extremely low, but the environmental and social responsibility cost is extremely high. Working conditions and sustainable production is overridden by the companies need for low production cost.

In 2019 the yearly global carbon pollution was estimated to nearly 37.1 billion metric tons of CO22, and 10% of the pollution was caused solely by the fashion industry. The second most polluting industry in the world3. The main reason why the industry is so polluting is an ongoing trend called fast fashion. The fast fashion industry produces 80 billion pieces of new clothing each year4 because the consumers are demanding the hottest and newest trends of the season at a very low price.

And when the season is over the clothes get thrown out and are on average used less than five times5. Even though it might seem nice to buy trendy clothes for affordable prices, people forget about the environmental cost and corporate social responsibility of the production.

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