Fast fashion | Essay

Fast fashion has become all about offering material satisfaction, at the expense of human compassion.

An item we, on average, wear less than five times, and keep on a hanger in our closets for no longer than 35 days. One of the most explicit and expressive features of the fast-paced society can be found in the fast fashion industry.

Working all day and night is no longer what our everyday life is all about. Instead, we have the control over our lifestyle, including the privilege of endless options to explore the art of fashion which nowadays, can be accommodated on the corner of every single street.

A result of dozens of brands having found their way to the clothing racks. Moreover, it is our allowance to possess fashion as our passion.

In other words, today’s financial freedom grants us the right to spend money on enjoyment while being the impelling force of the entire fast fashion industry.

Not only does this provide the middle class with the opportunity of dressing alike the elegant and luxury-brand clothing of the aristocratic, at a significantly lower price.

But it also enables businesses to participate in an adjacent competition where fast fashion is just like fast food . After the sugar rush it just leaves a filthy taste in your mouth making you want more.

Nevertheless, the fast fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world and still the consumers are being lured into wanting more, when they would have been better off with less.

Also, the iconic British luxury brand, Burberry, destroy unwanted stock to avoid garments being sold at knock-off prices and thereby, retaining brand equity.

Instead, destruction of garments equivalent to $38 million took place is of higher preference. Admittedly, Burberry is not the only luxury brand to follow this path. A trend that can be reflected by the average American generating 82 pounds of textile waste every year .

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