Fast fashion | Essay | 10 i karakter

As the world is getting increasingly aware of how the fashion industry works and how it affects the climate, people has started to take the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy of companies into consideration.

Because of what the industry of fast fashion does to the climate, the whole fashion industry has attracted more attention recent years.

Some companies launch new collections every year, others launch every third month and some even launch new collections every quarter.

In the articles and video clips, these problems are addressed from different angles by e.g. describing that the fashion industry is trying to reduce their harmful effects on the climate, the environment and the people.

In addition, the articles provide information on how consumers relate to the various CSR-policies and agendas. Fast fashion has a price, as it is onerous for the climate and affects it negatively.

According to an article from "impakter", 10% of global carbon emissions come from the fashion manufacturers. Besides carbon emissions, the production of clothing also absorbs an incredible amount of water.

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