Fast fashion | Essay | 10 i karakter

Fast fashion is a modern term in the fashion world. They are using it to express that fashion is rapidly moving from catwalk to fashion trends.

The fast fashion collection is simply based on the latest trends in the fashion world, and the new fashion collection is mostly announced in the spring and autumn every year.

One of the other major problems and maybe the biggest with fast fashion is that it has affected and degraded the climate in many places in the world, especially places where people did not already live under the best conditions.

In addition, the many workers at the producers do not get the salary they need, which makes their living conditions as well as working conditions horrible.

This therefore also creates huge dissatisfaction among many customers: “78% of Americans believe it’s important for companies to stand up for important social justice issues” .

This again shows that one of the things that customers want most is that the companies address are the very serious problems that harm both nature and a lot of people in the world.

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