Is corporate social responsibility becoming the single most important thing for companies? The idea of a company wanting to be a part of a better world just because of stocks will go up is a bit frightening.

The fact that it is the key part of most companies is maybe a bit too much. You would have to be a company that truly cares about our society and environment before you could write a perfect CSR that could be the front of your company.

Adidas made one million shoes from ocean plastic. It is awesome to see companies who take the lead in their corporate social responsibility and to see how many companies follow them.

It's like a chain reaction, and if you can’t follow it you're out of the game. - 70% of Americans believe companies have an obligation to take actions to improve issues that may not be relevant to their everyday business.

The consequences of not following the unwritten rules is a serious matter. Brand image is important in today's world. There is a parallel between companies and people in general.

It’s all about having a facade that shows only the light. So therefore, companies and people, in general, have that in common.