Assignment 1
Find og skriv fire verballed, hvori forskellige modalverber indgår. Forklar for hvert verballed, hvilken betydning modalverbet har.

Assignment 2
Besvar opgave a, b, c og d med udgangspunkt i nedenstående tekst. Brug relevant grammatisk terminologi.

Assignment 3
- E-mail

Assignment 4a
- Fast Fashion and CSR

CSR or shitstorm

Eksempel: Brexit could mean buying your favourite brand may cost you more.
1. … they should be entitled to and that’ll be much harder if tariffs go up…
2. … it could really affect our business and presence in the UK.
3. It is quite a big industry and of course it will be hard hit by Brexit...
4. If there is a no-deal Brexit a border would not be ideal for me as a fashion designer.


At a time when the giraffe population is plummeting in the wild, the sale of products made with giraffe skin and bone is booming.

According to a report to be released Thursday by Humane Society of the United States and its international affiliate, more than 40,000 giraffe parts were imported to the United States from 2006 to 2015 to be made into expensive pillows, boots, knife handles, bible covers and other trinkets.

The sale of these products is legal, but the organization argues that restrictions are needed.

Along with other advocacy groups, it has petitioned the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to provide that protection by listing giraffes as an endangered species.

They are issuing the report now “to ramp up the pressure and show the public the true nature of the giraffe trade in the U.S., and show the administration that the public loves giraffes and really wants their government to take action to protect this animal,” said Adam Peyman, manager of wildlife programs and operations for the Humane Society International.


We were very pleased to receive your inquiry for information concerning our eco-friendly and sustainable sportswear.

The environment is very important to us here at Texstyle, we have a great social concern for the conservation and improvement of the environment.

Our corporate ambition is to cut our carbon footprint with 75% by 2030 and to be a carbon neutral company by 2038.

Our eco-friendly clothing line is designed and produced with both the consumer and the planet in mind.

This clothing line entails everything you need to go to the gym, such as socks, shorts, tops, and sports bras.

All our fashionable products are made from a combination of organic hemp and recycled polyester .

This makes our products very light, durable, and breathable, whilst helping the environment. Furthermore, we just Introduced a sports bag in a collaboration with The Ocean Cleanup .

The sports bag is made from recycled plastic that The Ocean Cleanup pulled out of the sea.

We greatly appreciate your interest in our brand and would like to offer a special introductory discount of 10% for any orders received by the end of 2021.

On our website an extensive pricelist can be located, as well as products, colors, and size options.

Prices include delivery by road CIP the address below. Delivery time should be 10-15 days depending on the destination. Our payment terms are Net 30 days from date of invoice.