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Fast fashion industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. Fast fashion is when big companies are trying to convince you to buy clothes and stuff you do not really need.

Each year the industry earns $1.2 trillions worldwide and alone in the U.S. they earn $250 million. 80 billion pieces of new clothes are also produced every year, while the quality may not be the best, it is cheap and up to date.

Fast fashion is something that comes and goes really fast. For example, today it is popular to wear a black oversize blazer but next month it could be a shirt with only one sleeve.

When you buy clothes, you want to show off what you got and feel good about your purchase, so you share them on social media.

From recent research with data from social media, it confirms that if you mention or show what good things the brands are focusing on, those brands perform better in the long run.

Brands with a good and well thought out CSR strategy tend to do better than brands without the CSR strategy.

During COVID-19 everything except grocery stores were closed down, and because the world was under lockdown, we didn’t have anything to do.

Therefore, people began to shop online a lot. A thing the retailer began to focus on was their packaging. Many switches from normal packaging to packing you could recycle or just packing that was more sustainable.

This was a good CSR strategy retailers took advantage of because they made people more aware that even though the world is in such a bad place, we can still do some good.

It was also good because they made people choose their brand instead of another brand without sustainable packaging. People also tend to buy clothes from brands with recycled or sustainable packaging because it is better for the earth.

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