Fast Fashion and CSR | Essay

Write an essay in which you analyze the challenges faced by manufacturers of fast fashion and discuss the importance of corporate social responsibility to companies and consumers.

While the need for the newest fashion and clothing from consumers is at its highest, so is the need for climate change. The fashion industry is the most polluting industry across the world.

While some brands have new collections every four-year, others have every two months. This is what is called fast fashion. Is the fast fashion industry willing to change?

Challenges of manufactures
Discuss the importance of corporate social responsibility to consumers
Discuss the importance of corporate social responsibility to companies

The customer's demand for more sustainable products and businesses comes from the media, who are now making the customers aware of the horrible conditions some of the employees of the manufacturers have and what impact it has on the environment.

If we take a look at article 4, the report states that the fast fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world.

Furthermore, by acknowledging that 76% of the participants from the study from article 5 have their beliefs in that companies and manufacturers should get involved in stopping the climate change and make a more significant impact on the environment.

Video one informs us about the negative impact fast fashion has on the environment and its employees, such as contamination of the water, which is the result of pesticides used on cotton crops and poisoning farmers.

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