Fast Fashion and CSR | Engelsk | 10 i karakter

Fast fashion has become an integral part of our everyday lives, and there was a time point in time when corporate social responsibility was not even an afterthought for the majority of consumers around the world.

However, as the times have changed so have the views and ideals of customers and they are beginning to demand fashion companies take a greater initiative when it comes to CSR, “Consumers ought to know who makes their clothes.

CSR in the Modern World
Consumer reactions
The impact of social media on the new generation
Righting Wrongs

Corporate social responsibility used to be a nice added bonus when consumers were out buying products, but as times have changed, so have the ideals of the consumer.

Consumers are and have been demanding positive CSR from especially fast fashion manufactures as the issues brought on by the industry are reaching a dangerously high level.

With the world becoming entirely more modernized, companies are following in suite, making the production line more efficient at the cost of human welfare.

The public has become aware of the dangers that are being run in developing countries and have decided that ease of access towards clothes are not worth the risks.

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