Fast Fashion and CSR assignment

Corporate social responsibility, or CSR, is a generic term for the actions that companies use to make their methods more accountable on an ethical and societal level, which can benefit the company’s turnover because potential customers get a more positive image of the business.

CSR has become very important to the average costumer, and the environment has never been more important than today.

People like to feel they’re making a difference, even though buying clothes.1 That is why it is so important for companies to focus on CSR.

Many well-known brands have started to make their products from recycled materials, such as Adidas.

The company revealed in March 2018 that it has made and sold more than one million pairs of shoes made from ocean plastic.

3 Many other big brands are also making great investments, from H&M to Zara, Puma, Gap and so on.

4 Which is a good thing, right? So there must be pros and cons when it comes to fast fashion. On the one hand allows fast fashion more affordable clothing.

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