Ever feel like there’s something you can’t talk about? And it is something, that you feel insecure about as well?.

There might be more people with the same problem as you than you think. It’s easy to take things into your own hands but some mental issues can only be solved with a little help.

Help that some people are scared to seek. 31% of adults in the U.S have some type of anxiety disorder . Kevin Love is an example of one of them.

He is a professional American basketball player, who plays for The Cleveland Cavaliers. He wrote an essay for an article back in 2018 that was published on “The Players” Tribune, which is a media platform that provides content written by professional athletes.

We can see throughout the article, that Love uses many forms of appeal to capture and attract the reader.

Pathos is one of the most dominant forms of appeal in the essay, which is also to be expected since the topic itself is emotionally charged.

Pathos is included when Love talks about his own incidents and emotions, especially when he describes what had happened to him and what it felt like: “(…) felt my heart racing faster than usual.

Then I was having trouble catching my breath. It’s hard to describe but everything was spinning like my brain was trying to climb out of my head.

The air felt thick and heavy.” When Love uses this type of stylistic method, he encourages and engages the reader to take actions as well since it has helped him.

Sometimes it may also feel more safe and long-lasting when ignoring the problems instead of making sense of them and working them out because then it feels like the problem is not there at all.