‘Ever since my mom died, I cry in H Mart’ | Analytical eesay

A still increasing number of immigrants are coming to America searching for better lives. This comes with problems such as prejudices and disconnection with their culture of origin.

It is important to have a place where they can explore and reconnect with their culture of origin without feeling like an outsider.

This is exactly what Michelle Zauner illuminates in her article “Ever since my mom died, I cry in H Mart” from 2018.

Zauner starts her article by explaining what H Mart is and how she associates H Mart with her mother. The article circles around the association as she describes how her mother expressed love through food.

In her article, Michelle Zauner makes use of descriptions of place to explore her topic, which is cultural identity.

Through her descriptions of place, she clarifies the importance of a place like H Mart where people can connect and explore their cultural identity, which also serves as her intention.

The author uses H Mart as a frame for exploring her topic. Zauner creates a contrast between regular stores and H Mart as she says: “H Mart is freedom from the single-aisle “ethnic” section in regular grocery stores.

They don’t prop Goya beans next to bottles of sriracha here. “(ll. 6-7). This implies that Zauner experiences the wide range of ingredients as freedom.

She describes H Mart as a place where immigrants are understood and where they do not stand out for their ethnicity, which underlines her intention.

To add to this, Zauner states: “I can hardly speak Korean, but in H Mart I feel like I’m fluent” (l. 28)

This suggests that H Mart is a place where she can connect with her culture of origin as she is reminded of her mother. Similarly, she feels like she belongs to H Mart. This clearly emphasizes her intention as well.

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