Ever since my mom died, I cry in H Mart | Analyse

Being new to a country with a different culture and language is hard for a lot of people, especially children, they have problems with their identity, and it can be hard for them to fit in and two be a part of two cultures at the same time.

Michelle Zauner is from Korea, but lives in the USA, she is Asian-American. In the year 2018 there was an article published written by her in The New Yorker called:

“Ever since my mom died, I cry in H Mart” In her article she talks about how difficult it can be to stay in touch with her Asian heritage and about being a child of immigrants.

Michelle is daughter of a white father and a Korean mother and even if her mother is dead and was the one who had shown her the culture and Korean life, she still feels connected to Korea through her mother.

H Mart and the food are described detailed to point out the topic of the article which is, that it can be har for a kid of immigrants and Korean culture and how to stay in touch with it. “We’re all searching for a piece of home, or a piece of ourselves.” -(P.3, L.90-91)

It is important for children of immigrants to have a place, where they feel like they belong and have people to talk to.

In the article there are some throwbacks, where Michelle thinks about her mother and things they have done in the past in connection with the Korean culture.

Through those throwbacks, she shows the reader how important the Korean culture is for her, because it reminds her of her mother, and she can better handle how much she miss her.

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