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Introduction to the company Critical Success Factors
Top performing teams in the Superliga
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Loyal Fanbase 2
Develop talented young players who can be capitalized off of 3 Challenges 3 Changes in market causing potential fans to find entertainment elsewhere. 3
The COVID-19 crisis effects
The financial state
Give players a bigger presence in social media Follow market trends to expand segments Increased investment into players
Direct and indirect consequences
Solution 1 Solution 2 Solution 3
Methodology Conclusions
Generic Strategy
Porter’s 5 Forces Ansoff’s Growth Matrix Business model canvas SMUK Model
PESTEL Analysis SWOT / TOWS Analysis Value Chain
Analysis of Stock
Funnel competitor model Financial Analysis
Analysis of profitability Analysis of asset use efficiency Analysis of earnings-capacity Analysis of solidity and liquidity
Sensitivity analysis / Consequence analysis

Introduction to the company
Brøndby IF, which was founded on December 3rd in 1964, is one of the top teams in the Danish Superliga, the highest-level professional football league in Denmark.

Brøndby IF is one of the football teams that are on the stock market, which as opposed to other types of stock are primarily traded with emotions rather than logic. That leads to a lot of fluctuation for the stock, as how the team does sports-wise is a big factor to the people investing, which can change by the match.

Even though the club is situated in Brøndby, they have fans all over Denmark. 53% of their fans are located in Sjælland, and the other 47% are split between Fyn and Jutland.

Their main source of income is from sponsorships, of which they have 350. They call the sponsors partners. Their other sources of income are ticket sales and money for the rights to be played on TV and sales of merchandise in-store and online.

In 2019, they had a turnover of 175.140 million DKK, but wound up with a negative liquidity of 78.697 million DKK1, which was caused by them not selling the players they had planned.2 Brøndby’s philosophy has always been putting faith in young players, and working with them from very young ages, so they can shape the players.

Their vision is to bring people from all cultures and places together over football, and build on the traditions they’ve had since 1964, and will continue to have.

Brøndby has set some concrete missions for the period from now until the 2023-24 season. In terms of football, they want to go into the top three in the Superliga, and play some european matches.
They have some less tangible goals of being the strongest community in nordic sports, and to be a very trustworthy company and football team.

Critical Success Factors
Top performing teams in the Superliga

One of the critical success factors is the level of football they play at. General new generations of football fans tend to start becoming a fan of the best teams with the most frequent wins.

Thus Brøndby has a series of tools and programs implemented to insure player development and eventually peak potential.

The better a team Brøndby is able to create the more superliga wins they are able to achieve thus gaining them even more customers/fans in the future. This is why player development and playertransfere is seen as an investment giving back to the organisation in the long-term and short-term.

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