The short story ”English Babu” written by Vijay Medtia in 2009, focuses on cultural differences and letting go of country values.

The protagonist Ramesh is an Indian man, who lives in England with his family. Ramesh moves to England in 1965 and has been there for forty years.

At first, it is hard to find a job and integrate into society. Six years after coming to England he meets his wife Anita and gets three children.

He had other expectations and didn’t think it would be so difficult to move to another country. Everything changes when he meets his wife Anita.

His life starts going well and he becomes a manager. He finds out that he has to work hard to have a well-functioning life.

His father calls him an “English Babu” which means sir. At the end he makes some considerations, “One has to move with the times; otherwise one is left behind and ignored.

My father said I had become an English Babu. Maybe he's right.” (page 7, line 228). He is loved and has some respect from his father.

Throughout the story, Ramesh changes and eventually makes some reconsiderations, where he thinks differently about his choices.

“Hasn't England provided them with a good standard of living, with law and order? For all its faults, the country and its people have been welcoming and considerate. (…)