A Home is a unique place where we feel comfortable, it is the place where in order to adapt we must accept the consequence that is bound to come with it.

"English Babu" is a short story written by Vijay Medtia and is about a father, who is culturally detached and has come to a faraway land just to find better opportunities in life.

In the text we interact with, Ramesh's wife Anita, Ramesh's mother and father, his sons Prakash and Sanjay, and Rebecca.

The most notable secondary characters are Prakash and Sanjay, who represent different views on culture.

” I’m not going to stop her from eating beef,’ said Prakash”. We can argue from the example that Prakash leaves behind his roots, norms, and values in terms of love.

Ramesh is a round dynamic character who unfolds through the text which makes the story compelling.