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English is the main-language of globalization. English is a language which is being spoken far more than any other language. That is one of the reasons why we have found out that ELF is very context bound and an effective way to communicate with people across the languages.

Jennifer Jenkins, a linguist and professor at a university in Southampton for students from across the world, says that in the beginning she tried to learn her students native English. Until she found out that they didn’t need that kind of English.

They were communicating very well, even though they only used the most important English. For communities there were once colonised, English has become a nativized language.

The fact that it has become more likely for people to contact each other across the world, also has made English as Lingua Franca more normalised.

- What does it mean that there is a development from English as a foreign language to English as a Lingua Franca? (give examples of how they see this development).

- Foreigners who speak English typically make mistakes even though they know the grammatical rules. Why?

- Who/what decides what is important when speaking English?

- What are their thoughts on English in schools where there’s an emphasis on correctness?

- Discuss one of the questions being asked towards the end:
Does English as lingua franca mean anything goes? (write at least 100 words)

Communicative competence is what is most important when speaking English. If you can make yourself understood and get your message across, it is enough.

It means that it is not necessary to have all your propositions in the right place or using the exact right phrase or verb. It also depends on your task. If you are working on work structures for e.g., then you of course will be corrected.

But if you are working on a communicative exercise and your partner does understand you and your message, then there will be no need to correct you. What is most important, is that you can fit in your surroundings and adjust the way you are speaking English.

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