English as Lingua Franca

English is the main-language of globalization. English is a language which is being spoken far more than any other language.

That is one of the reasons why we have found out that ELF is very context bound and an effective way to communicate with people across the languages.

Jennifer Jenkins, a linguist and professor at a university in Southampton for students from across the world, says that in the beginning she tried to learn her students native English.

Until she found out that they didn’t need that kind of English.

Dr. Val Hennessy is an ELF-expert, who has been teaching a bunch of students from all around the world, English.

When she started teaching the foreign kind of English, she realised that the students were not going to use the Native English, when they were communicating.

That is why the teachers are more focusing on teaching them the right phrases and proper amount of English.So that they can communicate with each other and make themselves understood.

When communicating with other English-speaking countries, therefore, what is most important is that they can get their message across. The Native English is not what they need to use when communicating.

Nowadays they have a new way to communicate, so they all make sure to understand each other. Even high-level politicians are making mistakes, but because they get their message out, there is no need to correct them.

For about hundred years ago there were a lot more focusing on correctness in the examinations. Today, we are a lot more focusing on skills of writing, listening, reading and speaking in preference to correctness.

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