Engelsk Opgave: The Great Gatsby and the American Dream

In The Great Gatsby Fitzgerald has shown how the values of the American Dream, that were innocent at first, turned out to be corrupted.

Originally, the Dream was considered to be possible for nearly everyone who had made an effort to make something out of nothing, believing that in that way they would be considered better people in the eyes of God. Yet, as time passed by, people started to care less about the religious meaning of the dream and cared only about material wealth.

The Dream became desirable, individualistic, materialistic, selfish,The Dream can be very desirable at first, just like Gatsby found Daisy desirable when he met her. Once a person gets infatuated with the Dream he/she consequently starts obsessing over it.

That particular person later realizes how beguiling the Dream can be and that the Dream was a total opposite of what one expected. Fitzgerald draws attention to those negative elements of the Dream by emphasizing that money can destroy a person and that materialism, which dominates most of today’s societies, only destroys these societies. He also implies that while some people are born living the Dream, some will never have the opportunity to achieve it.

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