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Ecco is a Danish company that produces shoes and other leather accessories. The company was founded by Karl Toosbuy in 1963 in Sønderjylland.

Ecco is today owned by the founder’s daughter, Hanni Toosbuy. In October 2011, Eccos store number 1000 opened in Minneapolis, USA and the company has a sales capacity of more than 4,000 globally.

Their revenue in 2010 was 6.11 billion Danish kroner and the company employed 17,537 employees.

Short introduction to Ecco:
1. Discuss Eccos Marketing concepts
2. Try to define Ecco´s SBUs and place them within the BCM growth-share matrix (BOSTON)
3. Account for Ecco´s growth strategies related to the product/market expansion grid (ANSOFF)
4. Account for Ecco´s value chain and asses their core competencies (PORTER´S VALUE CHAIN)
5. Conduct a SWOT analysis for Ecco

In this way, they can divide their business areas into SBUs. They therefore have an SBU for women's shoes, as it can be planned separately and at the same time they have their own competitors and this area has their own management.

The idea of dividing Eccos business areas by SBUs is to give them a better overview of their products, and to make it easier for them to create a Boston model.

The idea with the Boston model is then to place the individual SBUs in a schedule and then comparing the products with their market share and their market growth.

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