Donald Trump: America First (2017) | Analytical Essay

Donald Trump: America First (2017)

Analytical Essay: Non-fiction

The whole world watches with excitement and anxiety, as the American presidential election takes place every four year. The candidate elected - whether democrat or republican - will become one of, if not the most, powerful person in the world.

With great power comes great responsibility and therefore it is essential that the best person is chosen for the job. Once the president-elect has been found in the beginning of November, there will be a short transition period ending with the new President will hold a speech at their inauguration.

Back in 2016, Donald Trump won the election with 304 electoral votes, while his opponent, Hilary Clinton merely had 227. In January 2017, it was time for the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, to pass the baton to Trump.

After taking the oath of office, it is time for the inauguration address; America First. In the following paragraphs I will do an analysis of the speech with emphasis on discourse analysis and language to find out if Donald Trump succeeds in communicating his message.

Looking at the language in the speech, it is easily comprehendible. He is using colloquial language rather than a more technically advanced language. This way, Trump is able to have a larger target audience, including the younger Americans.

The speech is using an informal language, characterized by the short sentences, the narrow vocabulary, as well as the many repetitions. Overall, the language is easily understandable and ensures the receiver understanding the message.

To take a closer look at the language, a discourse analysis will now come. To start off, the nodal point in America First is America, or rather, the future of America and it is the key concept in the speech.

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