With the proclamation “from this day on, it will only be America first! America first! ” Trump stuck to his inaugural speech, intending to put America ahead of all international considerations.

In doing so, he ignores, in America, part of a destiny community with all other citizens, and by the country's continued existence - and indeed the entire planet's existence - dependent on international political cooperation to find solutions to the more distant ones. In other words, according to me, he ignores us in modern handles in and world-risk societies.

The biggest problems of our time - the financial crisis, the climate crisis and the terror crisis - cannot be solved by the nation states, but require supranational cooperation. This is because the problems transcend the borders of nation states.

The actions of one state entail risks for other states, whether for carbon dioxide emissions, forging nuclear power plants, deciding on bank packages or political interventions in connection with terror.

As the work requires that The Risk Society, so - "The survival of the straw in the Bavarian forest [...] depends on the conclusion and compliance of international agreements", because the waste is spread across borders.

Life on earth is threatened by unpredictable and uncontrollable consequences of the intensified production of wealth, which began in industrial society. All nations of the world are united in a destiny community where risks threaten us and where our only opportunity is to form alliances and jointly prevent risks from developing into disasters.

The world risk society is therefore a political fate community.

I would say that Trump, with his repeated 'America First!', Ignores the latent dangers of the world-risk society calling for international cooperation and that the nation-state is a zombie category in modernity: the nation-state has no real political power over what threatens human existence on Earth, and yet it wanders around our - and Trump's - consciousness, rhetoric and politics as a living death.